Friday, January 10, 2003

Hey everyone! I really wish you would post. It's doubtful anyone will check this but tomorrow don't forget the peace walk in Mountain View on Castro Street. Be there at 11am if you need materials for sign making - I believe they are provided free of charge. Anyway. The walk is at 12pm. See ya!

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Aargh! I spent 20 minutes writing a real long post, went to look something up in my e-mail, clicked a link, and my post disappeared! So I'm going to give the abbreviated version without the long-winded explanation for two fund-raising ideas:
  1. For Beth and others who are talented with sewing machines, go to a local thrift or resale clothing store and ask if they have customers who need some tailoring. Commercial tailors may cost too much for many thrift customers (it might cost $12 to alter a $2 pair of pants). You could do it like the "free" car washes--"suggested donation." You'd be helping lower-income people, you'd be helping the thrift stores (which usually benefit some charity), and you might raise some money as well. Talk it over with the people at the thrifts to see what they think.
  2. Buy 100 (or 200) anti-war signs and sell them. You can buy 100 "No Iraq War" signs for $85 plus $10 postage here (Click on the "NIW" button on the left). Raise some money, stop a war--what could be better?

BTW, I'm Beth's Uncle Bob from Michigan, where it is really cold right now. Greetings!

Monday, January 06, 2003

Ok. To get the ball rolling (whatever that really means!) I have had a few ideas which might be of interest. Unfortunately most of them are for the Cultural Expo (which I am not a part of - technically, I guess) but if you guys like these ideas, use 'em! Alrighty:

(1)Pamphlets - since we are already acquainted with a few organizations (Acterra, Global Exchange, YUCA, DeBug) it would make sense to provide pamphlets so that others could work with/support them. If we could get a number of informational pamphlets from some organizations which we support, we can more easily get the word out.

(2) Bags - One of my friends made these beautiful little bags out of used clothing. Not only are they recycling old materials but they are pretty, original and great for shopping! Apparentally they are not so hard to make either. This weekend I am going to attempt an alpha-test (or whatever you call it :) to see if I can make some cool stuff that we could possibly sell at the Expo. I'm reasonably talented with a sewing machine so if anyone wants to brainstorm POST! or email me.

More to come. Please post as well. I feel like I'm hogging the limelight. See ya maƱana.
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